Juventus: Five summer 2021 transfers that actually make sense

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Juventus, Alvaro Morata

Juventus, Alvaro Morata (Photo by Stefano Guidi/Getty Images)

Juventus have been linked to so many players already that it just makes your head spin. Some of the players linked to the Bianconeri are ridiculous, because they are outright bad fits or are so unaffordable that Juve could not conceivably sign them (looking at you, Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland).

But although signing star players won’t be easy this summer in light of the economic crisis, it is necessary for the Bianconeri to make sweeping upgrades after falling well short of their goals in Serie A and the Champions League.

Let’s take a look at five summer moves that would actually make sense for Juventus.

Extending Alvaro Morata’s loan at a reduced price

Alvaro Morata is not a world-class striker. If we’re being completely honest, he’s not even close. Morata is inconsistent and not a volume scorer, so he can never be world-class. He is, however, a very good striker for Juventus and fits the Bianconeri perfectly. The best stints of his career have been both of his tours in Turin, as he never quite hit the same levels at Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, or even in his return to Real Madrid.

Juve have a lot of needs in their squad, specifically in midfield. If they can reduce the price to extend Morata’s loan, then they need to jump at the opportunity. Doing so would allow them to save money and time that they can commit elsewhere.

Morata is a perfectly adequate striker for Juve right now, especially since he works well with Cristiano Ronaldo and the other players. Juve are demonstrably better offensively with Morata on the pitch, and I think that’s enough to warrant another year.

Purchasing him permanently is a no-go. But another year on loan is feasible, even at a reduced price. I mean, it’s not like Atleti have much use for him right now.

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