Juventus should embrace the youth movement and move on from Pogba

Paul Pogba has been disappointing this season.

After re-joining the club after 6 years away at Manchester United, Pogba was supposed to provide stability for the midfield. That’s not what happened, however, as Pogba has yet to play a minute for the team.

Given the team’s financial situation, it would make sense to sell Pogba to prioritize some of the younger midfielders on the team. Given his injury this year, they may struggle to get a considerable sum for the 29-year-old Frenchmen. That said, it still might make financial sense to sell him for at least something.

Paul Pogba made it clear that he intends to stay with the club even if they miss out on European competition next year. But, should the Bianconeri keep him?

Juventus has quite a few talented midfielders that could thrive for the club over the rest of this season and into next year. Fabio Mirretti, Manuel Locatelli, and Nicolo Fagiolo are good, young players who have played well when called upon. Juventus will get back Nicolo Rovella back from his loan spell at Monza next year, too. This should help sure up the midfield.

At that point, Pogba seems a bit expendable.

There is no doubt that Pogba is a great player when he is healthy. He hasn’t been healthy this year, however, and the club played well in his absence.

It’s hard to say that once he re-enters the squad that it will make an incredible, game-changing impact.

Juventus moved on from Weston McKennie in the January window and Adrien Rabiot is set to leave at the end of the year. This should push Juventus to reconsider their options in the midfield. Juventus should prioritize the youth movement that was forced on the club in the last few months. If that means they should move on from Pogba, then it might be what’s best for the club.