Max Allegri’s time as manager should hinge on Nantes result

Today’s matchup has big implications for Max Allegri.

Juventus will take on Ligue 1 squad Nantes in the second leg of their Europa League round of first the knockout stage.

This game is very meaningful for the Bianconeri. They need to secure a victory in order to move on to the next round of games in the tournament. Juventus drew with Nantes in the first leg so any victory today would allow them to advance.

In theory, this sounds like an easy thing for a club of Juve’s caliber to achieve. But, the way this season has gone should make any fan nervous about today’s matchup. Juve has lost to a number of teams that are weaker than them this season. While there is a lot of blame to go around, most of that falls on the manager.

If Juventus can’t secure a win today, Max Allegri’s second stint with the club should end.

While any tournament match is a tough one, the scoreline at home is concerning. The 1-1 draw should be considered a failure for a side that is, on paper, much more talented than the French side. The compounded struggles of the club this season makes this draw even worse.

Some of the blame for Juve’s inability to score in France falls on the players. The majority of the fault, however, falls on Allegri, who once again had his team playing down to the level of their opponents.

If Max Allegri wants to keep his job, he will need to figure out a way to secure a victory while also showing that he can adjust tactically.

Max Allegri has struggled with his tactics and game management this season. To be fair, there has been a number of injuries to star players like Dusan Vlahovic, Federico Chiesa, Paul Pogba, and Angel Di Maria this season. That shouldn’t excuse the manager for looking like he is lost in the past. He has no clear plan to generate quality chances in the attacking third. He also hasn’t shown that he can adapt to the way football is played nowadays.

Allegri needs to show something today that inspires faith in him as Juve’s manager for the future. If the team can’t secure a victory and falls out of their second European tournament, Allegri should be relieved of his duties.