Is Juventus at risk of potential relegation?

Juventus (Photo by Visionhaus)
Juventus (Photo by Visionhaus) /

Juventus is coming off 3 straight Serie A victories to place them in 7th place with 10 games left. Based on their current record, Juve should currently be in 2nd place with 59 points. Unfortunately, the 15-point penalty received has them at 44 points and fighting to return to international competition next season. Is there actually more for the team and fans to worry about?

Juventus may be at risk of relegation.

The Bianconeri appealed the initial penalty of 15 points. If restored this will put them in good standing in Serie A as mentioned earlier. The team seems to be hopeful that the appeal will go in their favor. Whether the appeal goes in favor of Juventus, there is still more trouble looming over them.

Juventus in route to losing more points.

As things stand relegation seems to not be an issue. What if Juve lose more points though? The federation is now looking to penalize the black-and-white again. Juventus was found to be paying some of their players under the table during the covid-19 pandemic season. The new punishment looks to be at the tune of 25 points. A 25-point deduction will put Juve at a 40-point total loss this season. Another 25-point loss will put them at 19, tying them for 18th place in the league and potential relegation.

The club has been on a hot streak, and if they continue at the pace they are going, even another point deduction may not be enough to break them to the point of dropping them to Serie B. We will keep an eye out for the FIGC decision on the new punishment as well as the appeal, but until then, Juve just needs to keep winning.