Adrien Rabiot's leadership questioned by former Juventus star

Alessio Tacchinardi
Alessio Tacchinardi / Alessandro Sabattini/GettyImages

Adrien Rabiot's performances have never been the problem. The French midfielder is a tireless engine in the heart of the team. Yet, a nagging question remains: is his undeniable skill enough to lead this storied club to glory?

Former Juventus great Alessio Tacchinardi brought this debate to the forefront. While he acknowledges Rabiot's importance to the team, he believes the Frenchman's influence currently lacks a true leadership dimension.

In Tacchinardi's eyes, great midfielders go beyond just fulfilling their own role; they become the driving force for the entire team, dictating the pace and intensity of play. According to Tuttomercatoweb, he said:

The numbers back up Rabiot's contributions. His 23 appearances, 4 goals, and 3 assists this season show his ability to impact the scoresheet. But what about those moments when the team needs a spark? Tacchinardi's comments highlight a hunger for someone to rise above the grind and inspire their teammates with unwavering determination.

Midfield commanders aren't born – they're forged in the fires of competition. They possess an unrivalled understanding of the game and the infectious will to win that rallies the troops around them. While Rabiot's talent is unquestionable, does he embody that leadership spirit?

Rabiot is undoubtedly a valuable asset for Juventus. His strength, skill, and versatility are vital components of the club's success. However, as the pursuit of trophies intensifies, the need for a true midfield general, someone who sets the tone and commands the pitch, becomes even more evident.

Will Rabiot step into that demanding role, or will another leader emerge from within the Juventus ranks? As the season unfolds, finding the answer to that leadership question could well be the key to unlocking the team's full potential.