Journalist suggest Juventus needs veteran mentorship amid youthful gamble

Juventus FC v Frosinone Calcio: Quarter Final - Coppa Italia
Juventus FC v Frosinone Calcio: Quarter Final - Coppa Italia / Stefano Guidi/GettyImages

Juventus' turbulent season has ignited a debate over the club's heavy reliance on young talent. While the Bianconeri started strong, they now lag behind a more experienced Inter Milan squad. Football journalist Antonio Barillà contends that promoting youth comes at a cost, especially when competing with teams boasting veteran depth.

The absence of rising star Fagioli due to injury and veteran Pogba's shocking doping ban have amplified Juve's midfield woes. In contrast, rivals like Inter can call on seasoned players like Frattesi for crucial reinforcements – an edge Juventus currently lacks.

He stresses that mentorship plays a critical role, and Juve needs veterans like Rugani to offer guidance. This dynamic was evident in the past, as young talent flourished within a structured, experienced environment. Barillà said:

"Even when Juventus dreamed of the title, I underlined that this team could not live up to Inter in terms of quality. When you promote young players like Juve did, there is an inevitable price to pay. How can you think of competing with a team that keeps Frattesi on the bench, while Juventus immediately lost Fagioli and Pogba. This team lacks personality and this is why Rugani’s confirmation is important; it is the spirit of Juve which he can pass on to others. Juventus has always had young players but they arrived in a structured environment."

Manager Allegri's tactics further reflect this youthful emphasis. Deploying young stars like Miretti and Iling-Junior in key roles can bring brilliance, but also inconsistency and defensive fragility.

Despite the growing pains, Juventus' focus on youth could be a necessary step toward sustainable success. Financial constraints force them to nurture homegrown talent rather than rely on high-priced transfers. The rise of players like Fagioli, Miretti, and Iling-Junior offers a tantalizing look at the potential within their academy system.

The key, however, lies in finding a delicate balance. Young players need veteran leadership and stability – and the loss of experienced Pogba makes this even more apparent.

Juventus may also need to reconsider their transfer approach. Investing in youth is a wise long-term strategy, but selective, experienced signings could fill critical gaps and serve as mentors for the next generation.

Juventus' current setbacks highlight the risks of an entirely youth-driven system. It's a long-term play that demands patience, a strong foundation, and a nuanced approach to team building. The remainder of the season will prove if Juve can strike the right balance to compete for a top-four finish.