Juventus block Roma's bid for Dean Huijsen

Frosinone Calcio v AS Roma - Serie A TIM
Frosinone Calcio v AS Roma - Serie A TIM / Giuseppe Bellini/GettyImages

Dean Huijsen, the 18-year-old Dutch defender on loan to Roma, has become a hot commodity this season. His performances have made him an integral part of Roma's defence - prompting the team to push for a permanent deal. However, his parent club, Juventus, doesn't look ready to let their prized prospect walk away so easily.

Huijsen, who only made the move from Juventus to Roma in January, has wasted no time making an impact. Roma, facing a lack of depth at the back, have found stability with Huijsen's composure and skill.

The young Dutchman even scored a stunning goal against Frosinone. It's little wonder, then, that the club is already trying to make his stay a long-term one, especially if Roma qualifies for the Champions League.

But Juventus isn't keen to part ways with their rising star. Seeing Huijsen as a major part of their future plans, they recently extended his contract to 2028. Huijsen's development at Roma doesn't seem to have changed their view on his long-term role with the team. He moved from Malaga to Juventus back in 2021 and the Italian giants have high hopes for the youngster.

It's not just Juventus' plans that stand in Roma's way. Huijsen's performances have led to a big jump in his value. Juventus might be asking for a substantial fee, possibly as high as €30 million, to consider selling him.

As things stand, it looks like Huijsen is set to return to Juventus at the season's end. Roma may yet place a big offer on the table in hopes of convincing them otherwise, especially if they make the Champions League.

Then again, money might not be enough to get this deal done. Juventus clearly sees Huijsen as an untouchable star in the making. His dazzling time with Roma only cemented that belief.

Whether or not Huijsen dons the red of Roma beyond this season, one thing is clear: the young defender's future in football is certainly a bright one.