Kenan Yıldız to inherit iconic No.10 jersey at Juventus

Kenan Yıldız
Kenan Yıldız / Stefano Guidi/GettyImages

Juventus are poised for a major transition in the 2024/25 season, with reports indicating the club plans to entrust their legendary No. 10 shirt to rising star Kenan Yıldız. This pivotal move highlights the club's faith in the young Turk's potential and marks a new chapter for both player and team.

The decision comes against the backdrop of Paul Pogba's unfortunate four-year ban from football. Pogba, the last player to wear the No.10, leaves a significant gap in the squad. By selecting Yıldız as his successor, Juventus is boldly emphasising their commitment to cultivating young talent and building a foundation for future success.

Yıldız, who joined Juventus from Bayern Munich in 2022, has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. His exceptional performances with the youth teams, coupled with impressive stints alongside the pros in the Next Gen side, prove he's more than ready for the big stage. In fact, Yıldız has already started to break through into the first-team setup, a testament to his ability to shine at the highest level.

At Juventus, the No.10 is more than just a number – it's a symbol of playmaking brilliance and on-field leadership. Giants like Platini, Baggio, and Del Piero have all etched their names into club lore while wearing that iconic shirt. Handing it to Yıldız is a resounding vote of confidence, signalling Juventus sees him as the heir apparent to that legacy.

Furthermore, this move aligns with Juventus's long-term vision of building a squad designed for sustained dominance. By nurturing young stars like Yıldız, the club is investing in a brighter future, aiming for victories in both Italy and European competitions. Juventus is betting on developing homegrown talent into global superstars.

Kenan Yıldız stands on the cusp of greatness as the 2024/25 season looms. It's more than a promising player getting a new number – it's the potential birth of a Juventus legend. With his skill, hunger, and the weight of history on his back, Yıldız has a chance to write his own chapter in the storied history of the Bianconeri.