Leaked images of Juventus' 2024-25 jerseys surface online

Juventus' 2023/24 Home Kit
Juventus' 2023/24 Home Kit / Jonathan Moscrop/GettyImages

La Maglia Bianconera, a prominent social media account dedicated to updating fans about Juventus apparel, has recently shared leaked images of the club's 2024-25 jerseys. The renowned Italian football giant, celebrated for its iconic black and white stripes, seems to be taking a daring approach with the upcoming kit designs.

The leaked mock-ups of the home jersey reveal notably wider black and white stripes, deviating from the current season's design. Fans have quickly drawn comparisons to the memorable 2018-19 Juventus home kit, which featured a prominent white centre stripe bordered by two broad black stripes.

The Adidas logo and the Juventus crest take centre stage, displayed in crisp white against the black background, while the shoulder stripes will be black on a white canvas.

The away kit is rumoured to sport a striking neon yellow colour palette, accented by grey and pink trim along the sides. This audacious combination has divided opinions among the Juventus faithful, with some drawing parallels to the vibrant kits donned by the German national team.

However, the specific pairing of yellow, grey, and pink has left certain supporters questioning the visual appeal of the design, sparking lively debates within the fanbase.

Sneak peeks of the third kit showcase a sophisticated black design, elevated by gold accents and subtle gray stripes gracing the shoulders. Intriguingly, some leaks hint at the possibility of a retro-style rearing horse logo replacing the contemporary J logo.

This potential shift would signify a departure from the 2023-24 third kit, which paid tribute to legendary Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon with its understated grey colour scheme.

As Juventus' current shirt sponsorship agreement with Jeep is set to conclude in June 2024, the club is actively pursuing a new partner. Speculation is rife that an American company may be in contention to adorn the front of the new jerseys.

Moreover, cryptocurrency exchange Zondacrypto has already secured a sleeve sponsorship deal with the club in 2024, injecting an innovative element into the kit design.

Juventus enthusiasts can mark their calendars for June or July 2024, when the club is expected to officially unveil the 2024-25 kits. There is also a chance that the team may showcase the new designs on the pitch towards the end of the 2023-24 season, giving fans a tantalising glimpse of what's to come.

The leaked Juventus 2024-25 jersey designs have ignited passionate conversations among the club's devoted supporters, blending classic elements with adventurous new styles. While the away kit's colour scheme has raised some eyebrows, the overall direction of the designs has piqued the interest of fans worldwide.

As the new season draws closer, Juventus supporters will be eagerly waiting to see how these kit concepts translate from the digital realm to the football pitch, ready to proudly wear their team's colours and support the Bianconeri through thick and thin.