Luca Toni compares Serie A stars Osimhen and Vlahovic

"Il Campionato Fa 90" Tv Show
"Il Campionato Fa 90" Tv Show / Emilio Andreoli/GettyImages

The Italian football scene is about to erupt with a clash that's got everyone buzzing. It's more than Juventus vs. Napoli; it's a head-to-head between two of Serie A's most lethal goal-scorers - Victor Osimhen and Dusan Vlahovic. Former Italian great Luca Toni has added fuel to the fire by comparing these young giants, and his words carry weight.

Luca Toni knows a thing or two about finding the back of the net. Now, he's using that expertise to size up Osimhen and Vlahovic.

Osimhen's a force of nature, already with a league title and top-scorer honours to his name. His return to Napoli after AFCON was like a shot of adrenaline for the team. With 11 goals and 3 assists in only 15 Serie A matches, he's proving to be a dominant force.

But Vlahovic, even though he's younger, is the reason Juventus put down big money. His 15 goals and 4 assists so far this season speak for themselves.

Toni, while impressed by Osimhen's achievements, thinks Vlahovic's potential is off the charts. In a statement quoted on Tuttomercatoweb, he said

"Osimhen was born in 1998, Vlahovic is actually two years younger . They are young and can still rise to the level. To date, the fact that the Nigerian has already won gives him that extra means that goes beyond mere technical considerations. Even when we talk about market valuations, I think we need to take this into account. I read that in Osimhen ‘s contract, there is a 130 million clause. Well, if there were something similar for Dusan he would be close to that figure, but perhaps it would be a hair below We’ll see what happens in the years to come. Vlahovic’s potential could, in my opinion, become even stronger than Victor’s."

He hints that the market value of both strikers is incredibly high – Osimhen with his hefty release clause, and Vlahovic with the potential to command similar figures if his trajectory continues. Still, Toni emphasises that winning a major trophy, becoming that clutch hero, would be a huge confidence boost for the young Serb.

Come this weekend, the focus will be laser-sharp on Osimhen and Vlahovic. This game isn't just about bragging rights – it's a test of Toni's analysis. Will Osimhen's experience and killer instinct win the day? Or will Vlahovic make a statement that announces his arrival as a true elite striker?

This isn't just about three points in the standings. It's a potential turning point in both strikers' careers and Toni's comparison adds an extra layer of excitement. Fans around the world can't wait to see who leaves the pitch victorious – this one's going down to the wire!