The future is uncertain for these two Juventus stars

Juventus v Hellas Verona FC - Serie A TIM
Juventus v Hellas Verona FC - Serie A TIM / Jonathan Moscrop/GettyImages

Juventus is always under intense pressure, and this season is no different. While the club scrambles to find consistency, the futures of two promising players, Filip Kostic and Timothy Weah, hang in the balance. Will they stay and fight for their spots, or will they be shown the door?

Joining Juventus amidst high expectations, Serbian winger Filip Kostic aimed to electrify the attack. Known for his blistering pace and pinpoint crosses, he arrived with a reputation to uphold. Sadly, his performances for the Old Lady haven't matched his previous heights. The spark seems diminished, and whispers about his short-lived stay in Turin have already begun.

American forward Timothy Weah's situation isn't much brighter. Despite signing a long-term contract, his adaptation to the demands of a top-tier club like Juventus has been bumpy. His goal-scoring contributions have been minimal, and it's becoming clear that the young striker needs a breakthrough moment – and fast – if he wants to stick around.

While these individual struggles are concerning, Juventus remains focused on silverware. The Coppa Italia holds a chance for redemption, and a strong showing in the competition could influence who stays and who goes in the summer.

Reports suggest that Juventus is eyeing a squad revamp after a lacklustre season. Both Kostic and Weah could be casualties, with others also potentially on the chopping block. Saudi Arabian clubs reportedly hold interest in Kostic, offering a potential escape route.

Weah, once seen as a potential long-term star, may now be facing an uphill climb to stay in management's good graces.

The clock is ticking for both players. Juventus will be ruthless in its assessment, and the transfer market always churns with possibilities. The choices made this summer will reshape these players' careers and could set Juventus on a new trajectory.

The roads ahead for Filip Kostic and Timothy Weah are shrouded in fog. Their performances in the coming weeks will be pivotal. Can they rise to the occasion and reaffirm their value to the team, or will their time in Turin come to a premature and disappointing end? Only time will tell.