The minimum transfer fee Juventus must secure for Arkadiusz Milik to break even

Arkadiusz Milik of Juventus Fc  celebrates after scoring a...
Arkadiusz Milik of Juventus Fc celebrates after scoring a... / Marco Canoniero/GettyImages

Juventus is reportedly gearing up to sell Polish striker Arkadiusz Milik during the upcoming summer transfer window. The decision comes as the club aims to navigate financial challenges and optimise its squad for the future.

Milik's journey with Juventus began in the summer of 2022 when he joined the club on loan from Marseille. After a promising start to his stint in Turin, the Italian giants decided to make the move permanent in 2023, signing him for an initial fee of €6.3 million, with potential bonuses of up to €1.1 million.

The striker's contract with Juventus runs until June 2026, with a gross salary of €6.47 million per season, or €3.5 million net according to Calciomercato.

However, Milik's performance at Juventus has been a mixed bag. He hit the ground running, finding the back of the net seven times in his first few months before the World Cup break.

But as the 2022-23 season progressed, his form took a significant dip, with just one goal in his final 17 appearances. In total, Milik scored seven goals in 27 Serie A appearances, clocking 1,600 minutes on the pitch. His expected goals (xG) rate of 0.48 per 90 minutes left much to be desired.

The amortised cost of Milik's transfer and wages amounts to €8.57 million per season for Juventus. As a result, the club must sell him for at least €4.2 million in the summer of 2024 to break even on their investment. This minimum transfer fee will increase with each passing transfer window as the length of Milik's contract decreases.

Juventus' plans for Milik in the 2023-24 season may hinge on the futures of other attackers, such as Dusan Vlahovic. If Vlahovic remains at the club, Milik could continue as a backup option. However, if Vlahovic departs, relying on Milik as a regular starter could prove problematic given his lacklustre form in 2023.

The club is expected to have a transfer budget of around €60 million this summer, which could increase through player sales. Potential departures may include Moise Kean, Weston McKennie, Arthur, and players with expiring contracts in 2025, such as Federico Chiesa and Adrien Rabiot, if they do not renew.

As Juventus looks to reshape its squad and balance the books, Milik's future at the club hangs in the balance. The striker's high wages and declining output in 2023 have put the club in a position where they must make a tough decision. Selling him this summer appears to be the most prudent course of action to avoid a financial loss.

While Milik initially seemed a shrewd low-cost signing for Juventus, his inconsistent performances and the club's financial considerations have led to this crossroads. The coming months will be crucial for both the club and Milik, as they seek to find the best solution for all parties involved.

For Juventus, it's about making smart business decisions and ensuring the long-term stability of the club. For Milik, it's an opportunity to find a new challenge and reignite his career elsewhere.