Tactical shift could unlock Timothy Weah's potential at Juventus

Timothy Weah
Timothy Weah / Jonathan Moscrop/GettyImages

Timothy Weah's debut season at Juventus has been a tale of two teams. For the U.S. Men's National Team, the 23-year-old explodes as a dynamic force on the wing, tearing through defences in Gregg Berhalter's 4-3-3 formation. Yet, in the black and white stripes of Juventus, Weah has looked a shadow of himself – just one assist and a Coppa Italia goal to show for his efforts in Serie A.

Italian publication Tuttosport suggests the answer to this disparity lies in tactics. Max Allegri's preferred 3-5-2 system often forces Weah into a wingback role, a far cry from his natural position as a pure winger. This shift has muzzled his attacking instincts and diminished his impact.

Could a change in Juventus' setup be the key to unlocking Weah's true potential? The club's investment in the young American suggests they believe in his talent, but getting the best out of him might require a shift in their approach. This could mean moving away from the current structure or potentially bringing in a manager whose philosophy better emphasises wing play.

Weah's situation highlights a timeless football truth: a player who thrives in one system might flounder in another. Sometimes, pure talent isn't enough; tactical fit is vital. Juventus must decide whether to cater their system to Weah's strengths or risk seeing a promising talent wilt.

If they find the right formula, the rewards could be significant. Weah's combination of pace, directness, and an eye for goal has the potential to cause havoc in Serie A. Yet, if the tactical disconnect persists, the club risks squandering a significant investment.

With his first season winding down, a crossroads is approaching for both Juventus and Weah. The club must decide if their tactical vision aligns with getting the most out of the American winger. In turn, Weah's success in Turin may hinge entirely on Juventus' willingness to adapt and create an environment where his attacking talents can truly flourish.